With the Woodberry boys away for a 5-day winter weekend, I’ve been much less crazed.  Most days when school is in session find me running from event to guest speaker to basketball game to track meet to office — taking photos, editing photos, and posting photos.  January has been a particularly eventful month with guest speakers on campus seemingly every night.  And I work as a photography mentor to the yearbook photographers–the first 15 spreads were due this past week — so we were scrambling for some last-minute photo requests.

But the campus is at peace right now, so I’m devoting all free moments (except those I’ve spent with friends!) to customizing the Nutcracker yearbooks.  I have about 10 complete, and 15 to go, but they will all absolutely, positively be ordered by Tuesday.  I expect to have them next week sometime!  I’ve ordered one for proofing, and I have to say I’m happy with the result.  I think everyone is going to love these books!