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One of the things my daughter wanted for her 21st birthday is a  photo shoot with me!

Here are a few of the shots we did this morning at the University of Virginia, where she is a fourth year student!




My day job is in a boys’ boarding school, and I spend a lot of time posting photos — my own and those of other photographers — to an online photo album that lets the students’ families check in on school events and campus life. My mission is to “provide a positive glimpse into the life of the school.”


Today, one of the parents who enjoys checking out the photos was here on campus.  He made a point of telling me how much seeing those pictures meant to him.  That made me feel great!

Enjoy the Woodberry Forest School Photo Album!

Other side of the camera

I had my own picture taken yesterday at a photo booth run by Photo Folly. I decided to go with a simple theme–no hats, boas, or goofy glasses. What fun! I’d definitely love to tackle a photo booth at Woodberry one day!

I’ve made a New Year’s resolution — yes, my new year starts in September — to make Sundays my photography days.  That’s the day I plan to blog, learn more about my craft, and take pictures.  Today, my day job kept me busy with the taking photos part of things:  I was asked to help document the arrival of 129 boys to Woodberry Forest School, where I am a communications associate.  And, since I’m the mom of a “new boy” and a senior, I had meetings to attend for that role.  AND…since my husband and I have nine advisees, I hosted them and their families for a little get together at my house.  

The day’s not over yet! Still to tick off the list are dinner and chapel before I’m off to help manage the process of shooting a head shot of every boy.  


Anna Grey ’14 and Cordelia ’17 about to embark on a new school year!


Remember these days? I have notebooks full of negatives.

Happy new year!  In the academic world, where I live and do my day job, September 1 means summer is over.  But I’m looking at a new beginning.  Just picked up my new Nikon D600 and I’m ready for a great year of taking better and better pictures, helping others do the same, and blogging about it all.  I’ve changed the name of my blog to Photo Positive, because the days of photo negatives are over!