Here is the artist’s statement for my photo exhibition, Landsculpt:  Ireland, at Woodberry Forest School’s Upper Walker Gallery, April 4-25, 2013.

Landsculpt:  Ireland


I’m not sure what I was expecting from my visit to Ireland in the summer of 2012, but the Ireland I encountered was not as lucky-charming as I envisioned.  The island nation’s true charms are those crafted by nature and by the land’s long history of human habitation.  Layers of stories overlap every inch of the country, all of them beginning, and ending, with geography.


As I traveled with my camera, I began to look for the places where humans sculpted the land or where the elements of wind, water, and life force pressed in on human endeavor.  I looked for places where the human and the natural collide in beauty.  


And sometimes my own hands did the sculpting. Using a photographer’s tools – monochrome, panorama, long exposure, bokeh — I created images that interpret, but don’t quite replicate, Ireland’s beautiful reality.


I would like to express gratitude to Woodberry Forest School for its support and to Irish landscape photographer Eoghan Kavanaugh for a memorable day of touring and photography in Killarney National Park.