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and I’m still buying stuff. With the power out at home, I decided to head to Charlottesville to have my errand day a little early. The girls and I hooked up our electronics at the mall, since the power’s been out for almost two days, and spent some time on email and fb. But most importantly, I’ve been buying lots of travel-sized goodies! As far as photography, I got up super early yesterday to grab some shots of the Super Derecho’s damage to Woodberry. Check out my album on fb:


With two weeks to go before we depart for our Ireland adventure, I’m just trying to keep from buying every product in America to take with me. I’m especially vulnerable right now to the temptation to buy photo accessories. I just got a new camera backpack with room for all my lenses as well as everything else (mainly rain gear) I would need for a day trip–I’m planning several of these while Marc hits the Irish links. I’ve booked a trip to the Skelligs, and a full day with a pro landscape photographer. And I plan to head to the Aran Islands by ferry and the top of Croagh Patrick by foot. Of course the camera will have to stay back at the room for one of my day tours: sea kayaking!

I hope to post photos on this blog, so if you are interested in my take on the Emerald Isle, stay posted! ┬áHere’s a map with markers for everywhere we’ll be going.