bonfire cheerleaders

When you walk around with a camera pretty much attached to your hand, you get a lot of photo requests.  Everyone needs something photographed. Some photographers specialize, but apparently that isn’t an option for me.

Here are some of my recent photo adventures:

1. Many group photos, including Woodberry’s board of trustees, its prefect board, the math department teachers wearing hard hats, standing in front of the foundation of their under-construction building, attendees at a reception for a former teacher, fifty plus kids holding signs with the names of children affected by cancer for whom they were holding a fundraising dance marathon.

2. Photos of Paintings:  I shot all the paintings of Woodberry’s past headmasters so that the artist painting our retiring headmaster’s portrait can see them.

3. An incision so its owner could see what it looked like.

4. A musical performance.

5. A letter-signing ceremony for student athletes committing to play college lacrosse.

6. Ballet poses for an auditioning dancer.

7. Passport headshots.

8. A person climbing on an indoor climbing gym.

9. A family portrait.

10. A ribbon-cutting ceremony.

11. A blood drive.

12. A massive bonfire being built and the pep rally at which it was lit by torch-wielding students.

13. A timelapse photo/video of a Habitat for Humanity house being built.

14. A play rehearsal.