I’ve made a New Year’s resolution — yes, my new year starts in September — to make Sundays my photography days.  That’s the day I plan to blog, learn more about my craft, and take pictures.  Today, my day job kept me busy with the taking photos part of things:  I was asked to help document the arrival of 129 boys to Woodberry Forest School, where I am a communications associate.  And, since I’m the mom of a “new boy” and a senior, I had meetings to attend for that role.  AND…since my husband and I have nine advisees, I hosted them and their families for a little get together at my house.  

The day’s not over yet! Still to tick off the list are dinner and chapel before I’m off to help manage the process of shooting a head shot of every boy.  


Anna Grey ’14 and Cordelia ’17 about to embark on a new school year!