Thanks for checking out my blog!  Here’s the news:

I’ve posted all the photos from recitals and picture week.  They are on my website:  LindaHoganPhotography.com. If you ordered a headshot, you can purchase reprints on the site.  Performance photos from all recitals are also available!

Through the rest of June, all Company Showcase photos will be free to those with a password.  To get a password, LIKE Linda Hogan Photography on Facebook.  If you don’t Facebook, or you can’t find the password, then send me an email at Linda_Hogan@woodberry.org, and I’ll put you on my mailing list for updates and send you the password.

Company Showcase photos are free because the lighting situation was a bit beyond my current equipment’s ability to cope.  I tweaked them and most (not all) look fine on the screen.  Printed, though, I worry that they might turn out grainy or blurry due to the vagaries of pixels and dots per inch.

This is also an opportunity for me to say thanks for an absolutely fantastic year at the studio.  Especially to our seniors, I want to express my gratitude for entertaining me all these years!  And for being such great photographic subjects!

I hope everyone enjoys the free photos (expires June 30) and while you are on the site, take a look around at what else is available!